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What Information Do I Need to Provide to Have My Tax Return Prepared?

It is extremely difficult to give you an extensive list of tax information a person needs to provide us with in order to have your tax return prepared.  However, here are some suggested steps to follow as well as documents to look for each tax year:

1) Review your prior 2-3 years tax returns for reoccurring income and deduction items, such as wages, investment accounts, interest and dividend income sources, mortgage interest and various other items.

2) Review your children’s or other dependent’s prior year tax returns as well as their current tax information for the necessary data to provide.  Many parent’s tax returns are significantly impacted by how children report their income.

3) Here is a list of common tax documents for individuals.  However, not all of these will apply to you, so this is a general list of tax documents:

  1. Names, Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and Dates of Birth for you, your spouse and all dependents to be claimed.
  2. Prior 2 years’ tax returns if we did not prepare them.
  3. W-2 documents from all employers, both yours, your spouse, and your children that you claim as a dependent.
  4. A copy of your last paystub for the end of the tax year as it may show tax related information not reported on your W-2.
  5. Amount of Alimony Paid or Received for the tax year and the Social Security number of the person you paid/received it from.
  6. 1099-B documents from all investment accounts, including children if being claimed as a dependent.
  7. 1099-Div documents from all investments, including children if claimed as a dependent.
  8. 1099-INT from any and all banks or investments sources for you or your dependent.
  9. 1099-Misc for Rents, Royalties, Other Income, etc.
  10. 1099-NEC for Non-Employee Compensation received
  11. K-1’s received from any partnership or S-Corporation interest owned for the tax year.
  12. 1099-R statements for all annuity, pension, and IRA distributions received.
  13. If you or your spouse is 70 ½ or older or if you or your spouse have an inherited an IRA, please provide the Form 5498 for the tax year or last two December statements for all IRA and 401K accounts.
  14. SSA-1099 statements for all persons receiving Social Security Benefits.
  15. IRA Contributions made for the tax year and whether for a Roth or Traditional IRA.
  16. Simple, SEP, or other qualified pension contributions made for the tax year.
  17. 1099-Q statements for payments made from qualified educational plans.
  18. Summaries for any educational expenses, such as computers, equipment, internet access for the beneficiary of any 529 plans.
  19. 1098-T -Tuition Payment Statement for all colleges you or your dependents are attending.
  20. 1098-Student Loan Interest Statement for all student loans.
  21. Closing statements for the purchase and/or sale of your home or other real estate.
  22. 1098-Mortgage Interest Statement for all home loans.
  23. Property taxes paid during the tax year.
  24. Dependent Care Costs for all dependents and the names, addresses, and Social Security number or Federal Employer Identification number of all who provided care for each dependent during the tax year.
  25. All documents related to any vehicle purchases, such as receipts & manufacturer certification of various vehicle credits.
  26. 1095-A or Similar 1095 Statement (s) from your insurance provider.

4) 1099-HSA which reports any HSA distributions to you for out-of-pocket medical expenses

  1. Detailed health expenses:
  • Insurance costs                  Doctor’s expenses                          Prescription Medicines
  • LTC insurance costs          Mileage related to medical
  1. Any documents related to car accidents, storm damages to your home and other property.
  2. Receipts and certifications of any energy related repairs & additions to your home, such as new appliances, roof repairs, insulation, & HVAC equipment.
  3. Any reimbursed business expenses, such as professional or union dues, travel, etc.
  4. Charitable Contribution details:
  • Amount of cash contributions to each charity.
  • Amount of non-cash contribution to each charity, detailing the current value and your cost of each non-cash contribution.

5)  Charity Names, Addresses, and Donee ID’s.

  1. A summary of your business expenses, such as for a farm, rental properties, or other businesses you or spouse operated as a sole proprietorship during the tax year.
  • Advertising                      Repairs & Maintenance                    Auto Mileage
  • Assets purchased           Rent/lease expenses                        Gross Revenue
  • Insurance                         Employment Taxes                           Office expenses
  • Travel                                Wages                                                  Utilities
  • Tax Payments                  Cost of Goods Purchased for Sale
  1. Did you pay any vendor/contractor $600 or more by cash or check (Do not include payments by credit card in determining the $600 or more paid)?
  2. Did you issue any Form 1099’s to vendors/contractors identified in the previous question?
  3.    Do you have any financial accounts or signatory authority in foreign banks or other financial institutions?    If yes, what was the largest balance on a given day for the calendar year 2015?   Note that there are significant penalties for not reporting this information if the balance in the account or combined accounts was $10,000 or more on any given day during the tax year.
  4. Voided Check for the bank account you wish to receive direct deposit of refunds or pay balance due for 2015 taxes out of your savings or checking account.
  5. If you have a Texas business entity, please provide the webfile number and the prior year revenue to support filing any extensions and the return.
  6. Anything else that might be relevant to your tax situation.

6)  Did you Sale your Home?

1.  We will need the original purchase documents as well as the sale documents in order to determine if you are eligible to exclude any gain on the sale of your home.  Failure to provide this information on your tax return will result in a tax liability asserted by the IRS.

How Do I Deliver the Tax Information to You to Get My Tax Return Prepared?

Here are the most efficient ways to provide us tax documents:

1) Logon to our portal at and upload your tax documents.  You will NOT need to notify us once they are uploaded as we are notified when documents are received in the portal.  Your login should be a combination of you or you and/or your spouse’s name.  If you don’t remember your password, you can have it reset and sent to your email. (NOTE: Currently, the client portal is ONLY available for the Irving Office Clients)

2) Fax your documents to 972-908-9516

3) Go to to upload your tax documents in PDF, Word or Excel Formats only.

4) Contact our office at 972-402-5763 to schedule a time to drop off copies of your documents.  PLEASE PROVIDE COPIES AND NOT ORIGINALS.  We are able to shred copies, which protects your tax information from identity theft.